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[Announcement] Eroprincess has set up a new blog~ July 7, 2010

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Hello guys,

You may all know me as eroprincess, i know that we have stopped posting but if you liked our posts here try and look at my own personal webblog. It isn’t going to be on wordpress but on blogspot.com

visit me at….. Australian V.I.P

It is really different, its more casual and upfront unlike in AiPod1
if you want to know more click on the “MY BLOG” page.

Its more on K-Pop now instead of J-Pop, and theres going to be alot of fangirl-ism going on there but please take a look anyway : )

Hope to see you guys there ;D~

Oh and one more thing, same as what happened here, you can request me to do reviews on your favourite albums if you like ^^


New Theme, New Start December 28, 2009

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As eroprincess posted before we plan to restart posting.  We went on a hiatus for a while but now we’re back.

kingyohoshikuzu has moved to a new account called a1exhudson

We’ve updated the theme with a more wintery look (even though we’re in summer) and will resume posting in the new year.  We hope you have enjoyed your holiday, if any, and wish you happiness in the new year.

Wish us luck ミ✩

[Announcement] Re-posting December 16, 2009

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We are terribly sorry for the real lack of posting for the past 3 months or so. We have decided to start re-posting because it is the school holidays and we have planty of time.

Our blog will be changed slightly. Instead of reviewing we have decided to post gossip, news and somtimes the occasional album review or single review.

Once again we are deeply sorry and will start with a new beginning.


[J-Ent News] NewS’ Yamapi and Ryo struck with SWINE FLU September 5, 2009

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ryopiThe popular idols form news, Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo have been said to be infected with Influenza A, aka SWINE FLU, according to a fax sent by the manager on Tuesday. It is said that there is a possibility that they have the H1N1 strain. (more…)

[K-Ent News] Korean Actor Lee Byung Hun in G.I Joe August 12, 2009

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Lee_Byung_HunI had went to the movies to watch GI Joe yesterday. When the movie had started i had recognised this asian actor who was acting as an enemy in the film. I knew straight away that it was Lee Byung Hun who acted in Beautiful Days with famous korean actress Choi Ji Woo. (more…)

Will DBSK really be leaving SM???? August 9, 2009

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I would juts like to ask anyone who has any CONFIRMED information on this topic if they can send me a link or any PROOF that they are either leaving or stayign in SM. I would greatfully appreciate it. ~EroPrincess200812101838001002_1

[K-Drama] The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince June 23, 2009

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!st Shop of Coffee Prince

1st Shop of Coffee Prince

The 1st shop of Coffee Prince is about a girl called Go Eun Chan, who is played by Yoon Eun Hye (Princess Hours, The Vineyard Man), who is poor because her father had passed away. So to keep her family fed she works multiple jobs and even gave up her feminism. One of the jobs she had been offered is to be the gay lover of Chio Han Kyul, Gong Yoo (Star Candy and Biscuit teacher, One Fine Day). Choi Han Kyul is the grandson of a succesful coffee business women. He is later told to open up a coffee shop but decides not to. When Eun Chan heard about this she persuades him to open it then hire her, but the cafe is called “coffee PRINCE” so it still requires her to be a guy. Sparks fly between them,but wut will happen if Choi Han Kyul can’t accept if his ‘sexual preference’? (more…)

[Blog News] May Update May 7, 2009

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Firstly we’d like to apologize for the lack of posting this last month.  For many different circumstances we were unable to post and with exams coming up we are studying.

Later this month we will be changing the blog’s layout and hopefully posting more often.

Once again sorry for the lack of posting.


[News] eroprincess away from 27th to 1st April 26, 2009

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eroprincess will be on camp from the 27th of April to the 1st of May.  Please don’t worry about the lack of posts

[J-Ent. News] Tegoshi Yuya, Horikita Maki and Kenichi Matsuyama starring in a Hollywood Film with Emma Roberts April 16, 2009

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Memoirs of a Teenage AmnesiacTegoshi Yuya from the Japanese Boy Band ‘NEWS’, has been chosen to star in a film starring Hollywood Star Emma Roberts aswell as japanese actress Horikita Maki (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e)and Kenichi Matsuyama who played the mysterious “L” in Death Note. The film will either be called “Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac” based on the book with the same name by Gabrelle Zevin or “Nakushita Kioku” which is the japanese title. The film will be directed my a Hollywood director called Hans Canosa. (more…)