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[K-Drama] The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince June 23, 2009

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!st Shop of Coffee Prince

1st Shop of Coffee Prince

The 1st shop of Coffee Prince is about a girl called Go Eun Chan, who is played by Yoon Eun Hye (Princess Hours, The Vineyard Man), who is poor because her father had passed away. So to keep her family fed she works multiple jobs and even gave up her feminism. One of the jobs she had been offered is to be the gay lover of Chio Han Kyul, Gong Yoo (Star Candy and Biscuit teacher, One Fine Day). Choi Han Kyul is the grandson of a succesful coffee business women. He is later told to open up a coffee shop but decides not to. When Eun Chan heard about this she persuades him to open it then hire her, but the cafe is called “coffee PRINCE” so it still requires her to be a guy. Sparks fly between them,but wut will happen if Choi Han Kyul can’t accept if his ‘sexual preference’?

Coffee Prince has 17 episodes. It is really short one compared to the other korean drama I have seen. It was broadcasted on the korean tv channel MBC. It ran on the tv for more than a month between the 2nd of July 2007 – the 27th of August 2007. It was programmed to show on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:55 p.m.

This drama have won and been nominated for many awards. The drama was nominated many times so i will only tell you the awards that they have won. Yoon Eun Hye who played Go Eun Chan won the “Top excellence n Acting” award in the 2007 MBC acting Awards and in the same award show Gong Yoo who played Choi Han Kyul won the award for “Excellence in Acting” and Kim Chang Wan who played Mr Hong who was one of the Baristas won the “Best PD Award”.

1st Shop of Coffee Prince is one of the best drama i have seen. It contains all the elements a good drama needs. I could watch this drama 100 times if i had to. I have seen Gong Yoo’s previous work in Star Candy and Biscuit Teacher so when i headr he was in this drama i was looking forward to watching it. I have also seen princess hours/goong which had Yoon Eun Hye as the main character. I jsut loved her in that drama. The two make the most adorable couple and most of the time i got jealous XP. This drama is more adult than i thoguht becasue there were some kissing and hugging and bedroom type of scenes. The first couple of episodes were awsome, so I really wanted to watch the rest.  This is the most recent korean drama i’ve seen and the best drama of all time.

This drama is a good one for peaple aged between 16- 20. I very nice love story about if you will lvoe the pesrson if they hide 1 big secret from you. With all the things i have said i would rate this drama : ★★★★✩


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