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[K-Ent News] Korean Actor Lee Byung Hun in G.I Joe August 12, 2009

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Lee_Byung_HunI had went to the movies to watch GI Joe yesterday. When the movie had started i had recognised this asian actor who was acting as an enemy in the film. I knew straight away that it was Lee Byung Hun who acted in Beautiful Days with famous korean actress Choi Ji Woo. This is not like the time when Bi Rain had appeared in Speed Racer. I reckong that his actingf was bad and his english was terrible there but Lee Byung Hun potrayed excellent traits of his character. It was really suprising because he had one of the main roles. His english was really good and he acted VERY well as the bad guy and fitted the character perfectly. When seeing him i would not stop laughing throughout the whole movie. OMG i was also SOOO glad to know that he was acting with one of my favourite and HOTTEST actors of all time…. CHANNING TATUM XD. Some other characters that also made me laugh was when Brendan Fraser appeared! But i was very happy to see Lee Byung Hun acheive in Hollywood. If more and more actors will make it to Hollywood korean music and dramas will be known world wide, just like the booming industry of Bollywood. All i wanted to report was about his appearance in Hollywood. I will not talk about the movie anymore but i do recommend it as a good movie to watch.

G.I Joe Posterlee_byung_hun_gi_joeG I Joe Screencap



1. AutumnLove - November 15, 2009

Lee is soooooo SUPER HOT HOT HOT! He fits the role perfectly! Love how his flexible flighting style!

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