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[News] eroprincess away from 27th to 1st April 26, 2009

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eroprincess will be on camp from the 27th of April to the 1st of May.  Please don’t worry about the lack of posts


[J-Ent. News] Tegoshi Yuya, Horikita Maki and Kenichi Matsuyama starring in a Hollywood Film with Emma Roberts April 16, 2009

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Memoirs of a Teenage AmnesiacTegoshi Yuya from the Japanese Boy Band ‘NEWS’, has been chosen to star in a film starring Hollywood Star Emma Roberts aswell as japanese actress Horikita Maki (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e)and Kenichi Matsuyama who played the mysterious “L” in Death Note. The film will either be called “Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac” based on the book with the same name by Gabrelle Zevin or “Nakushita Kioku” which is the japanese title. The film will be directed my a Hollywood director called Hans Canosa. (more…)

[J-Ent. News] New HP! Unit April 7, 2009

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The members of the new unit

The members of the new unit

Tsunku announced that there will be a new Hello Project.  The  unit will consist of four Hello! Pro Eggs : Ayaka Wada, Yuka Maeda, Kanon Fukuda and Saki Ogawa.  Tsunku said this was a Major Debut, this could mean that they are graduating from Egg or staying in egg and releasing a single.  Tsunku also commented that this unit may change and memebers might be moved around.  I haven’t really kept up with the Hello! Pro Eggs recently so I don’t know much about these guys.  I wish them luck.

[J-Ent News] Ayu to Release Bikini Photobook, Nozomi Sasaki and Ken Sato dance for Fit’s and Maki Goto and TOHOSHINKI at Japanese Fashion Week April 7, 2009

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News on Ayumi Hamasaki’s Digital Diary, the new Fit’s Gum ad starring Actor Ken Sato and Model Nozomi Sasaki, and Celebrities at Japanese Fashion Week


[J-Ent. News] Nishikido Ryo’s Accident April 6, 2009

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Nishikido Ryo

Nishikido Ryo

Nishikido Ryo was driving at around 3:45 pm on Sunday the 1st of March 2009 on Shuto Expressway 3 around Roppongi. There was heavy traffic ahead; Nishikido then rear-ended the car in front of him and due to the collision, forced the car to collide with the car in front of it which made it a three car collision.

Luckily Nishikido was not injured but unfortunately a women in her sixties, that was in between the 2 cars, left the scene with a neck injury that was expected to heal in about a week.

With some investigation, according to the police, Nishikido was at fault for not looking at where he was  driving. His agency, Johnny’s Entertainment, had said that he had been careless and had been taking his eyes off the road so he was unable to break in time. The Police plan to file the case with the prosecutor’s office.

Nishikido Ryo had been driving because it was his day off. He says that he will refrain from driving for now.

[J-Ent. News] ayaka + Mizushima Hiro wed. ayaka going on hiatus April 5, 2009

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The pair photographed together in 2008

The pair photographed together in 2008

Popular actor Mizushima Hiro, famous for his roles in Kamen Rider Kabuto and  Zettai Kareshi, and singer/songwriter ayaka wed on February 22nd, as announced in a press conference held on April third.    The two met three years ago, but have only been seriously dating since August. Unfortunately ayaka announced she will be going on hiatus at the end of the year.  ayaka has been suffering from Grave’s Disease since her debut in 2006 and recently her symptoms have been getting worse.  I hope the rest of the year is a good one for ayaka.

I was quite horrified on hearing of ayaka’s sickness, I just hope she can recover soon.   We wish the both of them all the luck in the world for the future.

[J-Review] alan – Hitotsu April 5, 2009

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A photoshop of Hitotsu CD scans

A photoshop of Hitotsu CD scans

Artist: alan

Genre: Pop

Released : March 5, 2008

Copies Sold: 1486

Label: avex trax

Highest Position: #100

My Ranking: ★★★

Hitotsu is alan’s second Japanese release with avex trax.  Unfortunately it didn’t sell fantastically and only peaked at #100.  On the fourth track ‘sign’ alan sings in Tibetan.


[J-Review] Beautiful Days – Arashi April 3, 2009

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Beautiful Days Single

Beautiful Days Single

Artisit: Arashi

Genre: J-pop

Released: November 5, 2008

Copies Sold: 352,000

Label: J Storm

Highest Position: #1

My Ranking: ★★★ (more…)