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[J-Drama] Maou March 17, 2009

Posted by eroprincess in J - Dramas, Maou, Ohno Satoshi.
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Maou was a remake from the korean drama “The Devil”. It is a story about a lawyer called Manaka Tomoo, played by Ohno Satoshi, who has two sides to him. The ‘angelic lawyer’ and the one with a dreaded past and wants to seek revenge. A person called Serizawa Naoto, played by Ikuta Toma, was a troubled teenager that is now a detective but also had a dark past. Serizawa had murdered Tomoo’s brother Hideo but he had never met him before. Detective Serizawa later receives mysterious packages. Family and friends of Serizawa are targeted by Tomoo, receiving the same packages as he does. Whoever recives the packages means that they are going to get killed first. Whow will Serizawa save? Who will he not? (more…)