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[J-Review] alan – Hitotsu April 5, 2009

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A photoshop of Hitotsu CD scans

A photoshop of Hitotsu CD scans

Artist: alan

Genre: Pop

Released : March 5, 2008

Copies Sold: 1486

Label: avex trax

Highest Position: #100

My Ranking: ★★★

Hitotsu is alan’s second Japanese release with avex trax.  Unfortunately it didn’t sell fantastically and only peaked at #100.  On the fourth track ‘sign’ alan sings in Tibetan.


  1. Hitotsu
  2. Kimi Omou Sora
  3. Tokyo Mimei
  4. sign
  5. Hitotsu [instrumental]
  6. Kimi Omou Sora [instrumental]
  7. Tokyo Mimei [instrumental]

Hitotsu: ★★

Hitotsu is a peaceful song which slips by easily if you don’t listen.  I dont really understand why this song is the A-side.  Hitotsu is very peaceful but nothing really happens.  alan’s vocals are as usual, wonderful, just listening to her is great.  The most eventful part in this song would be the chorus.  alan’s vocals rise in volume and power, making a change from the almost boring song.  Around the middle of the song it sounds as if it is about to finish.  But infact it’s just cutting all instruments, i foudn this very cliche and un inspired.  I quite like the ending of the song though.  The sudden raise from the quieter part and the adding of many stringed instruments really ups the ending of the song.

The PV begins with shots of a white tree, red apples growing on it’s ashy branches.  alan’s ornate logo then fades into the screen before we see alan lying asleep under the tree, dressed elegantly in white, a red tear shaped pendant hanging from her neck.  We then see alan walking through a white forest.  alan looks beautiful in this PV her hair and dark eyes contrasting the pale terrain.  I quite like the earth bubble that wakes alan from her slumber and which she later releases into the sky.  Its a nice touch and portrays her cause, to look out for the earth.  My only complaint of what alan is wearing is her middle finger nail.  On it there is what looks like a cotton ball, which draws attention away from alan and to the white ball of fluff.  At the end of the PV alan places her pendant around an Angel statue which results in the snow becoming rose petals, dyeing the monochrome forest pink.  Although I quite dislike this song, with time it’ll grow on me, and it made up for it with a beautiful PV.

Kimi Omou Sora: ★★

This song begins with synth noises that remind me of water.  alan brings the song to life shortly after this, but I think it was killed with the annoying adding of English background singers.  The first verse is much more interesting then Hitotsu was, kind of embarrassing for your B-side to kill your A-side.  I feel the chorus is very bland i this song, it doesn’t really come to life.  Once again the English background singers take to chanting something about life, which annoyed me.  The ending of the song is the chorus sing with no instruments.  I feel this song started off well but once again didn’t get anywhere, as if it were unfinished.  It interested me more than Hitotsu but let me down at the chorus.

Tokyo Mimei: ★★

Once again synth noises begin this song.  What can I say about this song.  Nothing different to what I’ve already said, interested at the start and let down later.  The chorus is once again the best part of the song but I dislike the long held, odd pitched notes.  There isnt much to say about this song, it goes by quickly if you dont listen and is good for a listen now and then.

sign: ★★★★

The true gem in the single.  In this song alan sings in Tibetan, distinguishing it as a must listen track.  There are a lot of synths in sign which give it an eerie feeling.  I love the high and nasal notes in the vocals, there is just something that makes me love it.  Throughout the song images of mountains and Tibetan prayer wheels come to my mind.   Unfortunately the song only lasts 3.09 minutes, which is quite short compared to the 5 minute tracks.  I only wish this song could have gone longer, it was different to the usual alan but we heard something we hadn’t yet heard.  I feel this song is the best on the single, it had me interested the whole time and didn’t bore me.


I was quite let down by this single.  Hitotsu was uninteresting and bland but had a beautiful PV.  Kimi Omou Sora and Tokyo Mimei were dull and went by quickly.  All while sign shone and brought the single to life.  I was confused when rating this.  There were many bad parts but definitely parts I loved.  I counted the PV i the rating as it was astounding, how couldn’t I?  I play this single when  I need to sleep or trying to, it is as if the songs are like lullabies.  I quite like the CD cover with alan’s eyes closed, the eyes open scares me and looks quite odd.



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