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[J-Review] Beautiful Days – Arashi April 3, 2009

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Beautiful Days Single

Beautiful Days Single

Artisit: Arashi

Genre: J-pop

Released: November 5, 2008

Copies Sold: 352,000

Label: J Storm

Highest Position: #1

My Ranking: ★★★

1. Beautiful Days~4.55 mins

2. Boku ga Boku no Subete~4.31 mins

3. Wasurerarenai~4.13 mins

Beautiful Days: ★★★✩
Beautiful days is a nice song. The insturmentals at the start tells you that it is going to be a sweet song and it was. When Arashi first start to sing it makes you feel like your flying or looking at the stars in a peaceful state and just wondering. I could admit that arashi could’ve sang the song abit softer so that you could feel the backround music and not just their voices. But the way they sang it was with passion and feeling. Every bit that Satoshi Ohno sang was, to me, the best because he has the nicest voice in Arashi. I also enjoyed the third verse of the song but after it i felt that they rushed into the chorus.

Boku ga Boku no Subete:★★✩
To start it off, i really did not like the four starting notes that keeps repeating throughout the song. Then when the instruments started playing it fixed up the mistakes in the beginning. As usual with Arashi the song was soft yet their voices did not suit the feel of the song. I really enjoyed the chorus because i felt that they used very nice rhythm and a nice pitch. Ninomiya Kazunari suits the song really well bcasue his voice is nice with a quirkyness about which i think is like this song. The second half of the song was better than the first because it included the 3rd verse which is usually a different beat and style so i thought that was nice.

This song is different from the others. Whilst they give and imaginative feel this song gives a mystical feel because 1 instument that they included was like a picollo. I think that this song was probably the most emotional in this single. Ohno gave this song a briliiant start. The verse was average until they get to the chorus which, in my opinion, is the best part of the whole song. And during this song I kind of felt like I was on a chase (for some reason), probably because of the accompaniment during the chorus. I think that the picollo did suit the song except that I didn’t enjoy it.

This single is for people who have a wonderful imagination because you can make many stories and inspiration from the songs in here. I enjoyed and it gave my brain a real workout :p.



1. nadia - June 23, 2009

can u please put more stuff about arashi and their shows and music please.. i would really love to hear about them more because i love arashi and this site..

thanks.. 😀

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