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[K-Drama] Winter Sonata March 25, 2009

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Winter Sonata DVD Cover

Winter Sonata DVD Cover

A high school student named Kang Joon Sang had transferred to a another school in search for his biological father. He meets this interesting girl named Jung Yu Jin on the bus on his first day of school. Jung Yu Jin and a boy named Kim Sang Hyuk, who also attends the school, have been childhood friends since before they were born because their fathers were best friends. Sang Hyuk wants to be more than just friends with Yu Jin but she has her eyes on Joon Sang. When they later get to know eachother, the more it blossoms into a relationship and they both become eachothers first love. Joon Sang later finds out that his biological father is Yu Jins father which would make them half-siblings. When Joon Sang discovers this, he decides to move back and lose all contact he has with Yu Jin. They were suppose to meet one day, so Yu Jin was waiting in the snow for him to come. Joon Sang then ran away from his mother to see Yu Jin for the last time but on the way there, there was a dreadful accident. The next day Yu Jin was informed that Joon Sang had died. Ten Years Later a Oh Chelin, an old school friend, brings a companion named Lee Min Hyung, with her back from the U.S. She brings him to Yu Jin and Sang Hyuks engagement day and what they see is an exact duplicate of Kang Joon Sang.

Winter Sonata was broadcasted on the KBS2 Network in 2002 and has 20 episodes. It aired on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9.50 and runned between January 14th – March 19th.

This Drama has won multiple award for its actors and excellence. In the “2002 KBS Awards” Bae Yong Joon who acted as both Kang Joon Sang and Lee Min Hyung won 2 awards that night. The awards were “Top excellence in Acting” and the “Popularity Award”. Choi Ji Woo who played Jung Yu Jin won the same awards in the same award show. Park Yong Ha who played Kim Sang Hyuk won the award for “Excellence in Acting”, once again still in the “2002 KBS Awards”. Also the director Yoon Seok Ho won the “Special Award”.

This drama was the first drama i had ever seen including japanese and korean dramas. I got really addicted to it that i watched it till 3 am one night. It was the start of my asian fandom. I also started dreaming over Bae Yong Joon and wanted to watch more of his drama because he was the best actor who showed alot of emotion and played the part. The 1 tiny bit i didn’t like about this drama was that it dragged on and on. The music also affected my mood alot throughout this drama. It also had the feel it being like a cheesy drama with the climax and the dilemmas. Other than that it was a pretty good drama with great emotions and great acting. The ending was a great one but i won’t be a spoiler. This drama is also one that kind of makes you shout at it and say “HE’S BEHIND YOU!! TURN AROUND!! OMG!”. Lols…atleast thats what i was doing :p.

This drama is the one that got me into the whole asian fandom, so i owe it all to this drama. Overall all i can say that it is a great story with a long awaited end. The rating : ★★★★


10 Years Ago

10 Years Ago

10 Years Later

10 Years Later



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