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[K-Drama] My Girl March 25, 2009

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Cover of My Girl

Cover of My Girl

My Girls is a drama about a girl called Ju Yoo Rin, who is good at lying and fibbing. Through this she meets a man called Seol Gong Chan who has witnessed and experienced her lying before. His grandfather was sick and in hospital because he was guilty for abandoning his grandaughter in the past. So he proposes a deal telling her that she must pretend to be his cousin until he can find the real one. She slowly starts to fall for him but he already has a girlfriend named Kim Se Hyun. She is a famous tennis player that he knows from a long time ago. Then Gong Chans cousin Jung Woo who is a natural born playboy starts falling for the charmer Yoo Rin.

 My Girl contains 16 episodes. It was broadcasted on the network SBS and broadcasted from the 14th of Decmeber 2005 to the 2nd of February 2006. It aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11.55 p.m.

Lee Da Hae, who plays the character Yoo Rin, won the “Performance Award-Drama Special” in the “2005 SBS Performance Awards”. Unfortunately that was the only award I could find that was won for this drama.

My Girl was a drama that appealed to me. The storyline was very creative and had all the elements I think a story should have, love, humour, dilemmas and a great ending. Lee Da Hae is a very cute and funny girl and i thought that no one could have suited the part better than her. This was the first time i have seen her acted in a drama and i cannot wait until her next one. I didn’t like Park Shi Yeon’s, who played Kim Se Hyun acting in this drama because she kept using the same expression every time she felt jealous. It was very annoying. And that went on for around half of the drama. Another person I liked in this drama was Lee Jun Ki, the person who played Seol Jung Woo. Though he wasn’t as major as Lee Dong Wook. He played his part normally, nothing but, but nothing really excing. But he did act cute when he was around Ju Yoo Rin (in the drama)

I really liked this drama and i would like to recommend this drama for everyone to eatch so i rate this drama: ★★★★✩


My Girl Main Characters
My Girl Main Characters

Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae



1. funky-obsessed - March 29, 2009

well, I was just looking through your blog, and I realized that one post was about My Girl, which is one of my favorite kdramas, even though I’m more into jdoramas…I kinda stopped watching it because I knew that Lee Jun Ki’s character would end up with a broken heart, and that idea made me sad 😦
Anyway, I pretty much chose a random blog entry to say that I think you guys did an awesome job with this blog and that it’s very informational. Keep up the good work ^^

aipod1 - March 29, 2009

Thank-you for the comment funky-obsessed, even though lee jun kik DID end up with a broken heart the ending was very, very sweet. Btw LEE JUN KI IS HOTT!!! Just thought i’d like to point that out 🙂

Thanks for the support and we hope that you keep reading our entries and continue to support us.

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