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[J-Review] Perfume – ONE ROOM DISCO March 25, 2009

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The promotional picture for ONE ROOM DISCO

The promotional picture for ONE ROOM DISCO

Artist: Perfume

Genre: Pop/Electro Pop

Released: March 25, 2009

Copies Sold: [Will be updated]

Label: Tokuma Japan Communications

Highest Position: [Will be updated]

My Ranking: ★★★★

ONE ROOM DISCO is Perfumes 9th major release.  It was sold in CD and CD+DVD versions.  As this has been released today I will add to the review as I find it.

1. One Room Disco
2. 23:30
3. One Room Disco [Instrumental]
4. 23:30 [Instrumental]


I love this song, its addictive and cute.  The song begins with strong synth beats clashing and then the girls start to sing.  There vocals are great in this song, but in some parts of the verses they seem weak.  The chorus is wonderful, I could listen to it forever, even if it’s only “One Room Disco” over and over.  ONE ROOM DISCO has an essence of ‘Chocolate Disco’ as if this is the next chapter, but quite obviously the girls have grown and matured a lot since then.  Near the end of the song it gets a bit repetitive, but still retains its perfume cuteness.

I love the way this PV begins.  The first shot of is the perfume logo through a window frame, lights flashing, the synth noise clashing.  I also love the silhouette dancing, the wind and colour changing rooms behind them adding to the effect.  The three different rooms and the use of the windows between is great, I especially love the scene where Nochi drops the apple and Kashiyuka catches it, I also enjoy the scene where Ai places a normal sized apple in the blue room and it becomes giant. Having the disco floors in the rooms was a great touch and adds to the feeling of the song, it also makes it more visually appealing.  Another favourite scene of mine is when the three girls dance in the same room, the camera angle is fantastic.

I love the girls setting up the scene in the middle of the video, the window for Ai and the city for Kashiyuka. It’s cute and makes me think nostalgically of school plays.  I must say this is my favourite Perfume dance so far, It’s just fun to watch, they all look so happy doing it.  The PV ends with more silhouette dancing, this time in the rooms, and then a shot of the giant apple, left on the dance floor.

23:30: ★★★

I like this song, but it’s definitely a B-side.  The vocals are soft and long, like a lullaby. Unfortunately this becomes extremely annoying after a few minutes.    The backing track is very relaxing, a slow drum beat and a low guitar riff (maybe bass?).  There is also a sound like a synth harp, its very relaxing with the girl’s slow vocals.  This song although the vocals are long seems to go by pretty quickly, but not as if you didn’t hear enough.  It’s definitely a B-side track but is great to make you sleepy or as background music.


As I have said before I prefer the CD + DVD cover to the CD only cover.  The CD cover to me seems to be too monochrome and boring.  While the CD+DVD cover is bright and contrasting.  I love the girl’s clothes in the PV and covers.  The vintage patterned, pastel coloured clothes are great on the girls.   I like Nocchi’s top the most, specially the shoulder things.  I feel this time that Nocchi outshone the other girls, usually I’d be looking mainly at Kashiyuka but this time I was very intrigued with Nocchi.

I hope this single sells well, unfortunately Ayumi Hamasaki released her new album on the same day.  This has been another one of my favourite releases by Perfume, I can’t wait to buy the single.



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