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[J-Review] Kumi Koda’s 12 Weeks of Christmas, Week 2 March 21, 2009

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Kumi as a Stylized North American Woman

Kumi as a Stylized North American Woman

Artist: Kumi Koda

Genre: Pop

Released: December 14, 2005

Copies Sold: 47,661

Label: Rhythm Zone, Avex

Highest Position: #6

My Rating: ★★★

Kumi Koda is a Japanese singer who decided release 12 singles over 12 weeks, the last one being on the 22nd of February.  Each single would be released in CD format and each cover would represent a stylized culture/country.  This cover represents North America.

1.    Birthday eve
2.    Birthday Eve [instrumental]

Birthday Eve: ★★★
Originally I hated this song but after many, many plays I began to like it.  The song has a happy beat and cheery disposition.  This is one of Kumi’s “I’m trying to be cute” songs.  The chorus is probably the best part of the song; it’s addictive and gets stuck in your head.   The song goes by pretty quickly and if you don’t really pay attention it just passes by.  As for keeping you interested it doesn’t really do anything but is good for a listen now and then.  This would be suited as a B-side.

The PV begins with the shot of a room door, on the door is a sign saying “903”. Kumi then enters the room, wearing a similar hat to the one she wore in ‘you’ PV.  Throughout the video we see shots of room “904”, a wrestler owns this room and is shown working out intensely, trying to get the courage to confess his love.  Kumi is shown worrying and lying about wondering if she too should confess her love.  The wrestler dreams of a girl wearing pink, diamond studded wrestling mask.  Kumi dreams of a man wearing a white, Venetian ball mask.  Kumi takes to cutely cooking with the ingredients she took from the shopping bag earlier.  One of the smartest shots in this video would be of Kumi sitting up against the wall singing, the wrestler sitting up against the other side of the wall working out. This shot slightly confused me.  I saw it as the wrestler loving Kumi but in a mask and Kumi loving he wrestler without his.  It’s only later I saw neither of them love each other.  Later we see that the cake is a heart cake decorated cutely, lots of pink, lots of hearts.  We then see Kumi rejecting wrestlers that ask her out and offer her gifts they then take to dancing.
At the end of the PV we see the wrestler sad a depressed.  His rose bouquet lying on the floor, he was rejected, leaving him alone and heart broken.


I don’t particularly like the cover of this single.  I think Kumi looks better with slightly browner hair.  I also feel the stickers under her eye are more Japanese than American, the gyaru culture.  This single is all right, If you dislike the trying to be cute Kumi, don’t go near this one.  The song is pretty much okay although it’s just easy listening.



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