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[J-Review] Kana Nishino – glowly days March 20, 2009

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The promotional picture for glowly days

The promotional picture for glowly days

Artist: Kana Nishino

Genre: Pop

Released : April 23, 2008

Copies Sold: Unknown

Label: Sony Records

Highest Position: #126

My Ranking: ★★★

glowly days in Kana Nishino’s second release.  It was released on the 23rd of April and was in CD format only.


  1. glowly days
  2. celtic
  3. Yami Yami Day

glowly days: ★★★★

At first I disliked this song but as I listened again and again it grew on me.  glowly days begins with Kana’s vocals singing sweetly and the sounds of a music box.  My favourite part of this song is definitely the chorus, its so lively and fun.  The part that annoys me most is that the first chorus.  It ends as if she will continue with the chorus but instead it goes to the second verse, as if she was cut off.  Kana’s English pronunciation in this song is good but at times hard to understand.  Kana’s vocals are a bit on and off.  At times they can be very good and then nasally or it sounds like she is trying to sing too high and can’t make it.  The piano riff and the music box chimes are nice touches.  I was disappointed at the end of the song.  Like many others ending with “lalalala”s but ignoring that its a great song.

The pv begins with Kana’s fingers playing a piano, which then fades away to Kana singing.  I really dislike the special effect Butterflies.  They are meant to show some form of beauty but to me it looks like  she is being attacked by a swarm of them.  The problem is there are too many different coloured butterflies and all the colours clash.  I love the next scene with the piano.  Butterflies fly over the piano, changing colour when they cross the different keys.  This is the best scene involving the butterflies, I think this is much more beautiful then the previous ones.  The PV ends with two butterflies flying off together, another good scene.  The one problem I have with it is Kana. In some parts she seems to be pouting, like trout lips.

celtic : ★★★

celtic is s nice song.  It starts off with Kana’s vocals, soft and low.  As the song grows more instruments are added but Kana’s vocals stay at the same level, until the chorus.  The chorus has Kana’s vocals go high and last long, but not alan long.  Once again I find the chorus the best part of the song, once again I find Kana’s English pronunciation hard to understand.  With this song I’d turn your volume down, Kana sings loudly and sometimes in the wrong tune.  The instrumental arrangement is interesting, you can faintly here a sitar like instrument occasionally.  Truly although Kana’s singing can sometimes go off tune I loved this song.

Yami Yami Day: ★★

Up till now I’d loved the single, unfortunately this kind of let it down.  The start of the song is a electronified version of Kana’s voice.  I actually like this, it reminded me off Perfume.  What i don’t like is the rest of the song.  The first verse is probably the second best part of the song, the rest let me down.  I really dislike the chorus, I’m not sure why but it drives me mental, whats worse is it gets stuck in your head.  In my opinion skip this song


I must say I love the cover and promo picture.  I actually saw the cover before hearing the songs and based on the cover alone, I thought they would be great.  It didn’t totally work out but I still enjoyed the single.  My favourite songs would be glowly days and celtic, I didn’t enjoy Yami Yami Day.  I was disappointed by the PV for glowly days and wish they hadn’t used so many badly made special effect butterflies.



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