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[K-Ent. News] Survivor – DBSK March 17, 2009

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The Korean Boy Band TVXQ

The Korean Boy Band TVXQ

The Korean boy band TVXQ, also known DBSK or Tohoshinki, have made their 26th single, “Survivor”. The single was released on March 11th, 2009 but only as a digital release.

Survivor ~ 3.16 mins

2. Take your Hands ~ 3.22 mins

3. Survivor: seven seas premium ~ 3.37 mins

4. Survivor (Instrumental) ~ 3.15 mins

5. Take your Hands (Instrumental) ~ 3.20 mins

‘Survivor’ is a nice song. It doesn’t use many instruments except for the usual drums, besides that it is mostly mechanical and technoish. There is this one part of the song which I like that where in the first 2 verses when they sing it repeats the same note but in a different tone. This songs is more of a clubbing song to me or something to party to. I first heard this song while watching the PV. The starting of the PV was excellent because I liked how they were stalling and started dancing suddenly. The thing about the dance that was so good was that it didn’t look artificial or fake like it had been choreographed. One thing that brought the song down was once again their ‘engrish’. It’s funny how they pronounce the title. “SURBIBOR!” lols :P. I really didn’t like Jae Joongs voice in this because it sounds like he can’t breathe.

Overall I thought this songs was a great modern pop song but they didn’t sing it to the best of their abilities so the song is a ★★★~ 3 stars




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