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[J-Review] PROMiSE – MiChi。 March 9, 2009

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Promotional picture for PROMiSE

Promotional picture for PROMiSE

Artist: MiChi。

Genre: Pop/Rock

Released : Jul 23, 2008

Copies Sold: 24783

Label: Sony Records

Highest Position: #12

My Ranking: ★★★

PROMiSE is Michi’s first japanese single, havign previously released in England.  The single has 4 songs, 3 original and 1 cover.


  1. PROMiSE
  2. HEy GirL
  3. Sk8ter Boi
  4. Fuck You And Your Money (ED BANGER ALL STARS remix)

PROMiSE: ★★★
Personally I hated PROMiSE at first, in fact I didn’t really like MiChi。.  But after listening to the song a few times it grew on me. I like MiChi。’s song because they are different to most J-pop at the moment.  Her lyrics in this song are very positive and happy.  My favourite part of this song is the chorus; although when she sings, “Everyday is a new page” I hear sifow’s nasally tones.

The PV begins with a box falling form the top of the screen, the union jack on its side.  MiChi then climbs out of this box dressed in a silver hoodie.  Slowly she unzips the hoodie revealing a long shirt which later light shines out of like a mirror ball.  The PV involves many special effects and computer editing.  I love the fact MiChi lights up like a disco ball; it’s so unique.  MiChi is later seen carrying a ball of light, almost like the sun.  The end of the PV has MiChi running down what I imagine is a car park, each step lighting that part of the ground.  I really like this PV the best shot is the final shot of MiChi running, her jacket still sending off light in the dark.

HEy GirL: ★★
I don’t like this song so much.  Until the chorus the song is pretty boring and plain, except for the elephant trumpets at the start.  Her vocals are good in this song but are pretty normal.  The song doesn’t really go anywhere and stays on the same level.  This song is just for easy listening.

Sk8ter Boi:
Hating the original song sung by Avril Lavagne, I obviously didn’t like this one.  Sure MiChi。 added a synth beat in the background and some noises, but the song really isn’t that much different.  If I hadn’t heard that in the last minute there is a change I probably wouldn’t have listened to the whole song.  Her vocals are all right but her pronunciation of some English words is strange.  I’d miss this song unless you like the original.

Fuck You And Your Money (ED BANGER ALL STARS remix): ★★
I much prefer the original of this song compared to this remix.  The bass synth is all right but the repetition of “Drive on you’ve got the wrong girl” is incredibly annoying, so is the replaying of some parts.  I’d skip this song and download the original.


Although I love the first track of this album, the second track was kind of boring in comparison.  I think I’d much prefer this single if there wasn’t a cover on it.  It’s not just because I hate the song she covered but it feels as if she is trying to use Sk8ter Boi to show she is cool like Avril Lavange, well in Japan she is anyway.  I guess it’s a good start for Michi, I wish her luck.



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