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[J-Review] Kumi Koda’s 12 Weeks of Christmas, Week 1 you March 7, 2009

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Kumi as an Stylised Alaskan Woman

Kumi as a Stylized Alaskan Woman

Artist: Kumi Koda

Genre: Pop

Released : December 7, 2005

Copies Sold: 182,443

Label: Rhythm Zone, Avex

Highest Position: #1

My Ranking: ★★★

Kumi Koda is a Japanese singer who decided release 12 singles over 12 weeks, the last one being on the 22nd of February.  Each single would be released in CD format and each cover would represent a stylized culture/country.  This cover represents Alaska.


  1. you
  2. Sweet Kiss
  3. you (instrumental)
  4. Sweet Kiss (instrumental)

you: ★★★★

you begins with a very beautiful instrumental part, followed by Koda’s smooth vocals.  Koda’s vocals are truly beautiful in this song.  Preiously I always thought they were kind of manly but in this they sound so silky.  The compostiton and organization of the instruments is also wonderful, specially at the beginning.  The final chorus is definitely my favourite as Kumi gives it her all and the instruments are wonderful behind her.

The PV officially starts with Takashi Tsukamoto running after Koda, who is walking sadly ing in the snow.  The PV quickly establishes the two are are couple, the shot of Kumi alone is to show they have broken up.  The PV is a mini movie which ties with feel, lies and Someday/Boys♥Girls.  The PV also uses a lot of imagery.  It shows Kumi and Takashi in bed, the bed changing to more sad colours as they are closer to breaking up, represented by Kumi lying alone in a black bed when they break up.  The photos show their memories, and the photo Kumi takes of no one represents the fact she has no one anymore.  I love this video for it’s imagery and also the scenes where Kumi is in a field with lots of snow but, Kumi’s fake crying is horrible.  Kumi is seen throughout the video calling Takashi and him receiving the call then hanging up.  In sadness and in need to leave those memories Kumi takes all of the photos of the pair and lets them go flying into the air.  This is one of the most beautiful scenes in the PV as the photographs drift into the sky.  Ironically Takashi has just printed a photo of the pair showing his decision to restart the relationship.

Sweet Kiss: ★★

sweet kiss starts with a synth beat and followed by synth instrumnets.  Kumi’s vocals arent as good as they were in the last song, they seem at first as if she has a cold; although she does recover later in the song.  I find the synth noise in the background very annoying and it detracts my attention from Kumi to the noise.  However the chorus is very nice, which entertained me.  I also dislike the use of the saxophones, I am unsure if they are synth or not, as they are to loud and also detract your attention.


you is an interesting single.  The first track has beautiful composition and alright singing, while the second track really let me down.  The cover art is wonderful and well done, like the rest of the 12 weeks.  Truly I’d only listen to you and not even waste my time with Sweet Kiss.



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