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[J-Drama] Kurosagi March 6, 2009

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The Drama Cover for Kurosagi

The Drama Cover for Kurosagi

Kurosagi is a story about a boy, who’s family were killed by his father because he had been swindeled. Kurosaki (Yamashita Tomohisa) swore to himself that he would swindle every swindler. Kurosaki was known as Kurosagi (a swindler swindles back money to the original victim). One day he meets this girl called Yoshikawa Tsurara (Horikita Maki) whose dream is to become a prosecuter and dissaproves of all types of law breaking. She later ends up living in Kurosaki’s property. Will she be able to persuade him to stop swindling?

Kurosagi ran on the TBS Channel from the 14th of April, 2007 to the 23rd of June 2007. It showed every week on Friday at 10.00.This drama contains 11 episodes.

For this drama Horikita Maki received an award for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ in the ’49th Television Drama Academy Awards’. Unfortuanatley that was the only award that was received for this drama.

Kurosagi is a good drama to recommend to people who like action, comedy, smarts, a bit of romance and a wonderful plot. I thought that the plot of the story was good and that all those genres i just mentioned made the story even better. The action in the film was when Yamapi, the actor who plays Kurosaki, swindles the con artists out of their money and then there are chases and disguises which makes the film exciting. The drama also has a bit of comedy when Yamapi has lines like “she has appeared” and my favourite “BANG!”. Maki also made the film interesting to watch because her personality suits the role very well. It looked like she didn’t need to act at all. She also includes romance in this film when she starts falling for the person she hates most in this world. I am very glad that they chose a ‘johhny’s’ to act in this film so I knew it would be good. One downside that i like to mention is that every episode he does the same thing over and over. He swindles someone then they go to jail. It goes on in every episode so it gets boting after a while. This film also made me re-think about my likings toward Yamapi. I always thought he was a fish that didn’t know how to sing, but watching this drama amde me think to myself and say he has more talent than i thought.

Out of what I just said, Kurosagi is a good drama to watch when you want to watch something that has a little bit of everything also with great actors and actresses. This film was good but it wasn’t the best so i give this drama: ★★★- 3 stars

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1. Ken - April 4, 2009

First of all, I just want to say that Yamapi definitely can act. I love the scene in the last episode when Kurosaki started to break down and there is more interaction between he and Tsurara. But yes, the screenplay sucks. It doesn’t give much opportunities for the lead actor to shine in his acting.

aipod1 - April 5, 2009

i very much agree with what you say and i also liked the “fireworks scene” where kurosagi and tsurara bond and get very close.

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