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[Requested Review] Kisshug – aiko February 28, 2009

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Aiko on the cover of KissHug

Aiko on the cover of KissHug

Artist: aiko

Genre: Pop

Released : Jul 23, 2008

Copies Sold: Couldn’t find

Label: Pony Canyon

Highest Position: #2

My Ranking: ★★

KissHug is Aiko’s 25 release.  It was used as a theme song in the Hana Yori Dango Final.


  1. KissHug
  2. Senkou Hanabi
  3. Mizu to SHAPAN
  4. KissHug [instrumental]

KissHug: ★★
Hearing such high praises of this song I hoped it would be as fantastic as I had heard, unfortunately the praises were incorrect.  KissHug begins with sounds of chimes followed by a piano and strums of guitar.  Aiko’s vocals, to me, sound like a robot, like Vocaloid Hatsune Miku.  To me this song never really shines, I’d prefer it to be a B-side.  The whole song to me went by pretty slowly and sounded very repetitive.  The instrumental break with the electric guitars got me interested, but once again Aiko bored me straight afterwards.  Although Aiko’s vocals are all right and her English pronunciation is all right I didn’t enjoy this song, and found it pretty run of the mill.

Senkou Hanabi: ★★

This song starts like KissHug, plainly. I was immediately turned off.  That was until the drumbeat and the guitar begin to play.  Aiko’s vocals are better in this song and slightly less Vocaloid like.  But unfortunately this song is also pretty dull and never goes anywhere, never shines.  In a break there is a stopping of all instruments besides the piano and Aiko’s singing. This doesn’t help the song at all and seems pointless.  This song to me suits being a B-side.

Mizu to SHAPAN: ★★★★
From the start this song outshines Kiss Hug and Senkou Hanabi.  This song starts with a piano and a few other instruments.   I instantly get a strange sense of Christmas.  Aiko’s vocals sound pretty much the same as they did the last few songs, but this time the music behind her is much more interesting.  The Chorus also makes me think of Christmas and Happiness.  The instrumental break with Aiko Humming mindlessly kind of annoyed me and made me think of the previous track.  But the chorus that followed made me change my negative view.  Maybe it’s because this song is so different to the other tracks, or maybe it’s because of Instruments but I really enjoyed this track.


If I could change one thing on this single it would be the arrangement of the songs.  To me, Mizu to SHAPAN sounds interesting and happy and would make a better A-side.  While KissHug sounds like a dreary run of the mill jpop ballad.  I am confused to why this peaked at #2, I think without Hana Yori Dango this single wouldn’t have got anywhere.



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