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[J-Review] Weeeek – NewS February 28, 2009

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Cover of Weeeek Single

Cover of Weeeek Single

Artist: NewS

Genre: Pop

Released: 7th October, 2007

Copies Sold: 100,000 copies

Label: J-storm

My Ranking: ★★★★

Weeeek ~ 3.49 mins

2. With me ~ 4.10 mins

3. Why ~ 3.26 mins

Weeeek: ★★★★
This song is very enjoyable to listen to. I like this song very much because I know that I can jump, scream and chant to this song by myself or even with my friends. They harmonize well during the chorus but one thing that brought the song down was in the pre-chorus. In the background you can hear a very low voice and somehow it send shivers down my spine. In the second verse Masuda Takahisa has again that childish voice and when he starts to sing, it always makes me put my back straight because i think that part really suited him well and after the chorus when Tegoshi Yuya sings that part with all his heart, makes me feel good. I like it when Ryo sings his parts of the verses because it brings a little bit of rock because his voice is coarse and it suited him.

With me:★★★
When I heard the intro it felt like this song sounded like a mystery. Usually Masuda would have sounded childish but in this song u can hear that his voice is really grown up and serious. After that when Yamashita aka Yamapi says “Ohhh” he did a very good job at that. Towards  the chorus the song got a bit louder and in my opinion all 6 of them singing the chorus together was a bit crowded and didn’t sound that good. I didn’t like the way they pronounced “Cry with me, smile with me”….. all i could here was “Carrif me, smile wiss me”. In my opinion if Japanese people can’t really pronounce some words, just sing in japanese. I didn’t really like this song very much because it changes the mood a bit much and I think that their voices did not suit this song at all.

I really liked the intro of this song. It was a couple of guitars playing different parts and i thought that it was a really good start. Shigeaki who opened the song was probably a good choice to start of because the bit had to go really low but i think he messed up a bit because i could hardly hear his voice. The English in this song was much better than in ‘With me’ but 1 word really disturbed me…. when they said “Truth” as “Toos”. This song has a very emotional feeling to it which in my opinion NewS hardly has.

This single is nice. “Why” and “With me” are very sensitive songs while “weeeek” is a more rocky and carefree song. I liked all of them but not as much as some others.  This single would be good for people who like songs u can passionately sing whether it’s loud or ballad.



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