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[J-Review] Ashita e no Sanka – alan February 22, 2009

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A promo for Ashita e no Sanka

A promo for alan's debut

Artist: alan

Genre: Pop

Released : November 21, 2007

Copies Sold: 4729

Label: avex trax

Highest Position: #69

My Ranking: ★★★

alan is a Chinese singer of Tibetan decent,  this is her first Japanese release with avex trax.  The Single came in two formats, CD and CD+DVD.  The DVD had the Ashita e no Sanka PV and Making of the PV.


  1. Ashita e no Sanka
  2. Sakura Modern
  3. Ashita e no Sanka (instrumental)
  4. Sakura Modern (instrumental)

Ashita e no Sanka: ★★★✩

The song starts off peacefully with alan’s voice and a piano.  Then Oriental instruments begin to play.  The Oriental instruments make this song most interesting, making it different from most J-pop songs.  The first chorus is surprising; up to now alan’s vocals have been peaceful and average.  But here they make a sort of whining sound called the Tibetan Wail.  I love this sound; it makes the song so much different from the rest of the run of the mill J-pop. I was straight away in love with alan’s style after hearing this song.  Her style was so fresh and different.  The song concludes with more Tibetan wails and background singers singing the chorus repeatedly.

The PV for Ashita e no Sanka starts with a shot of the sky and then shows alan in a barren landscape, surrounded by dirt and no trees.  Alan is wearing a Blue feather shawl and black lace dress. Which both contrast with the terrain.

To me the PV has a lot of symbolism. Through out the PV we see Fire, Water, Sky, Earth and Wind.  These are the 5 elements of the Japanese Godai and Tibetan Bon.  The land has become barren because we have not looked after the earth, or as alan says “Looked after our mother”.  The PV is beautiful, the only bit I dislike is when there are three alan’s moving their arms.

Sakura modern: ★★★
Sakura modern begins with sounds of water, followed by what sounds like an oriental guitar .  alan’s vocals are, once again, beautiful but don’t really break the mold, like she did with Ashita e no Sanka.   This song has an interesting arrangement of instruments, once again they are mostly oriental.  At some points in the song  alan’s Chinese accent overcomes her singing and some of he pronunciation is odd. Besides this the song is wonderful, but doesn’t shine as much as Ashita e no Sanka.


I love this single.  The use of the oriental instruments along with alan’s beautiful singing makes the single fresh and new.  I hope alan continues to make her music interesting with the use of oriental instruments and the mixing of old and new.



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