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[J-Ent. News] Hamasaki News February 21, 2009

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That’s right Ayu has some new releases coming soon.  The first is a single called Rule/Sparkle, it’ll be released on the 25 of February so get ready!  Some of you might have heard that Ayu will be singing the theme song for the new Dragon Ball Z movie, this is it.  I found a full version of the song ‘Rule’, at first i didn’t like the song but listening to it a few more times I really liked it. This single will be released in three formats, CD +DVD (A), CD (B) and CD (C).  Each CD has different tracks, making each one collectible, and  CD A is the only CD to contain the DVD.

These are the covers:

The covers don’t impress me, they make me think of Madonna’s ‘Hung Up’ MV.  CD C is the only cover I would buy.  The CDs and DVD have been printed on.  The manga-ka behind Dragon Ball Z has drawn Ayu as Goku and these will appear on the discs.

Ayu’s Second Release to come out of March 25  is her next album ‘Next Level’.  In will be released in CD, CD+DVD and 2CD+DVD and USB flash drive.  The USB Flash drive has all 13 songs on along with their lyric data, and six music videos in MP4 format[¹].  The only confurmed tracks on CD 1 are Days, Green, Rule, Sparkle and Next Level.  CD2 contains the songs from Premium Countdown Live 2008-2009 A.

The USB Flash Drive

The USB Flash Drive

[¹] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Next_Level_(Ayumi_Hamasaki_album)


1. n. - February 28, 2009

Woah Ayumi Hamasaki’s amazing. I loved her Bold & Delicious single 🙂

btw, Ryo Nishikido has some great lyrics. Do you think you could give JE’s NewS a chance and review Ryo Nishikido’s Ordinary from their Color album? plskthnx, that would be great 🙂

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