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[J-Reveiw] Ai Ai Gasa – Tegomass February 16, 2009

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Ai Ai Gasa Single

Ai Ai Gasa Single

Artist: Tegomass

Genre: J-pop

Released : June 18, 2008

Copies Sold: 100,000 copies

Label: J-Storm

Highest Position: #1

My Ranking: ★★★

1. Ai Ai Gasa ~ 3.57 mins

2. Bokura no Uta ~ 3.40 mins

3. Moshi mo Boku ga Pochi dattara ~ 3.46 mins

4. Boku no Cinderella ~ 3.59 mins

Ai Ai Gasa: ★★★★✩
Ai Ai Gasa in traditional japanese means “Shared Umbrella” or literally it means “Love Love Umbrella”. It starts of with soft chimes while over the top of that it has soft xylophones. After that the keyboards give an intro for tegomass to come in. Tegomass’ voice suit this very well because Tegoshi has a very nice pitch and soft tone while Masuda has a very cute voice that suits it also. This song means to “share our love under the umbrella; i’ll protect u from the rain” (in my own words).

Bokura no Uta: ★★★✩
Our Song, is what Bokura no Uta means. This is like an anthem or choral song where people can listen to and say “OHH, OHH, OHH, OHHH”. The piano intro gives that certain choral feeling, also with the chimes. This song is not like Ai Ai Gasa where when you listen to it your heart flutters this song is more where you can dance to and bob your head to it. The only instruments there are in this song are the piano, chimes, drums, gutar and vocalists.

Moshi mo Boku ga Pochi dattara: ★★★
“If I Were Pochi ….” is wut the title means, another meaning could be “puppy love”.When I first heard this song it sounded like a country song with the plucked guitars. Tegomass didn’t really put there voices out for this song so it didn’t really sound that great, but there harmony is very well pitched and souds very nice.

Boku no Cinderella : ★★★✩
Boku no Cinderella means “My Cinderella”. When you first hear this song you can already tell that it will be a very happy and enjoyable song. Massu’s voice again really suits this song as his voice is very childish. I liked the piano at the start because it gave the other intruments a nice intro. This song, I like it because it makes me feel happy even when i’m feeling down. And I love how Tegomass pronounces Cinderelly, SHINDERERA!! XD

Overall i think that this single is very happy and sweet and to be honest i could listen to this for a very very long time. Also Tegomass is a very sweet duo and i can’t wait till there next singles.



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