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[J-Reveiw] Prisoner of Love – Utada Hikaru February 16, 2009

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Prisoner of Love Single

Prisoner of Love Single

Artist: Utada Hikaru

Genre: Pop

Released: May 21, 2008

Copies Sold: 81,626 copies

Label: EMI Music Japan

My Ranking: ★★★

1. Prisoner of Love ~ 4.48 mins

2. Prisoner of Love -Quiet Version- ~ 4.37 mins

3. Prisoner of Love (Original Karaoke) ~ 4.36 mins

4. Prisoner of Love -Quiet Version- (Original Karaoke) ~ 4.34 mins

Prisoner of love: ★★★
Prisoner of Love, when i first heard this song I thought that the vocals weren’t very good and sometimes Utada lost her pitch, but the way she sang the this song was very good. The piano’s were a very good instrument to go with this song and the drums. The piano to play the melody and the drums to keep the beat. The violins were a very good add when getting to the pre-chorus. This song was the theme for the drama “Last Friends”. I have not watched it yet but i will soon then reveiw it for all you people. Anyways this song is a nice song. It’s not a lovey dovey song, it’s more of a song that has a more downward feeling but i beleive that if u slowed down the song and got rid of all the instruments it would sound very very nice.

This single I think is one of  Utada’s Best so i would recommend this to people who really like a love song that has a sad feeling to it but yet is still nice to listen to.



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