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[J-Review] Happy Days – Ai Otsuka February 2, 2009

Posted by kingyohoshikuzu in Ai Otsuka.
Happy Days Promotional Picture

Happy Days Promotional Picture

Artist: Ai Otsuka

Genre: Pop

Released : July 7, 2004

Copies Sold: 163,433

Label: avex trax

Highest Position: #3

My Ranking: ★★

Happy Days is Ai’s first studio release.  It was released on July 7, 2004 and came in two formats, CD and CD+DVD.  The single sold 163,433 copies and reached #3 position on the Oricon charts.


  1. Happy Days
  2. Hoshikuzu
  3. Happy Days (instrumental)
  4. Hoshikuzu (instrumental)

Happy Days: ★★
Happy Days starts with an aggressive drumbeat subsequently an electric guitar.  Ai’s vocals in some parts of this song are computer altered to sound like she is talking through a megaphone.  The song has a fast pace and speeds along without stopping.  The lyrics, as usual are about love.  I don’t like the fact Ai’s vocals are altered, although it sounds like a great idea, I didn’t hear quite as much Ai as I wanted to.  The song is, as I said before, fast and ends before you know it.

Ai Otsuka from the Happy Days Photoshoot

Ai Otsuka from the Happy Days Photoshoot

Hoshikuzu: ★★

A slow, sweet piano starts this song. The contrast with fast Happy Days is obviously apparent.  Hoshikuzu is a slow ballad song with Ai’s vocals and a piano, which are later joined by a few drums and other instruments.  Ai’s vocals are okay in this song but not at their best.  At the end of some of the verses and the chorus Ai holds notes for a long time and you can hear her voice wavering. The song, like most of Ai’s B-sides, doesn’t pull you in.

Summary: ★★

Happy Days isn’t one of my favorite singles by Ai.  Although Happy Days is a very interesting song, the altered voice, I find it ran past me leaving me with nothing.  Hoshikuzu although very different to Happy Days was just a B-side and never got me interested with its long held words.



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