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[J-Review] Amaenbo – Ai Otsuka January 28, 2009

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A picture from the 'Amaenbo' Photoshoot

One of the Amaenbo Promo Pictures

Artist: Ai Otsuka

Genre: Pop

Released : March 3, 2004

Copies Sold: 105,609

Label: Avex Trax

Highest Position: #6

My Ranking: ★★★

Amaenbo is Ai Otsuka’s third release with avex trax.  The A-side Amaenbo was used in   the for Sato Healthcare’s cold relief tablets Stona Rhini S television commercial.  The single sold 105,609 copies.

Track List:

  1. Amaenbo
  2. Ame Iro Parasoru
  3. Sakuranbo (studio live ver.)
  4. Amaenbo (instrumental)
  5. Ame Iro Parasoru (instrumental)

Amamenbo: ★★★

Amaenbo is  a relaxing song with an enchanting chorus.  This song was used in the for Sato Healthcare’s cold relief tablets Stona Rhini S television commercial.  The lyrics of the song talk about the cold coming in and how Ai keeps her self, and spoils herself with her partner even though she knows:

‘Too much of anything is bad.”

My favourite bit of the song is the final chorus, it’s powerful, strong  and gives me chills as Ai belts it out.  Following the final chorus is an instrumental break mainly dominated by an electric guitar and a few of Ai’s “lalalala”s.  In my opinion Ai’s vocals sound a lot better then they did in her previous single ‘Sakuranbo’.

Ai, from the Amaenbo Photoshoot

Ai, from the Amaenbo Photoshoot

Ame Iro Parasoru: ★★★

Ame Iro Parasoru begins with sounds of pouring rain and continues with instruments like saxophones and in the background a double bass.  Ai’s vocals are once again very good in this song and stay good, unlike some of her other songs. The song, although a very good and having an interesting arrangement, is like Ai’s other B-sides, a B-side and that is unfortunate.  Ame Iro Parasoru is a song you can listen to without paying attention, it sounds nice and happy, but your not likely to remember it as one of Ai’s best songs.  I personally love this song, the instruments used, play a huge part in that, but the song is just a nice song to listen to.

Sakuranbo (studio live ver.): ★★

You have a nice calm album, and then Ai puts this on it. This version was performed live and recorded so Ai’s vocals aren’t fantastic.  It sounds as if Ai gets over excited and forget to thing in tune in some parts.  Truly this song is just a bit of fun, it’s hilarious to hear Ai so overly happy and the noises she adds to the words.

Summary: ★★★

Amaenbo will definitely be a favourite single of mine forever.  Both  Amaenbo and Ame Iro Parasoru are beautiful songs, while Sakuranbo (studio live vers.) is just funny.  I love the covers of the CD and CD+DVD versions, the colours make you feel warm and safe.  I love this single



1. Mace - May 4, 2009

How come this is your favorite single when you only gave it 3 stars? O_o.

However, I agree with your review and I also love the final chorus 🙂
(But I would never give it only 3 stars! Oh, never mind…xD)

kingyohoshikuzu - May 7, 2009

Thanks for commenting.

True this single is one of my favorite but i felt Ai could do better. I do the star ranking by the average of stars.

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