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[J-Review] Nothing from Nothing – Ayumi Hamasaki January 25, 2009

Posted by kingyohoshikuzu in Ayumi Hamasaki.
Ayumi Hamasaki on the back cover of 'Nothing from Nothing'

Ayumi Hamasaki on 'Nothing from Nothing'

Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Released : December 1, 1995

Copies Sold: Unknown

Label: Columbia Japan

Highest Position: Failed to Chart

My Ranking: ★★

picture-111Ayumi Hamasaki’s debut album with Columbia Japan. Unfortunately for her it would be her only single with Columbia Japan as they dropped her after the album failed to chart.  This album was hard to review as I hardly like rap music I as a big Ayumi Hamasaki fan am glad that she went to pop music and left Hip-hop behind.


  1. Nothing From Nothing(single version)
  2. Limit
  3. Paper Doll
  4. Gut it-pez
  5. Nothing from Nothing (album version)

Nothing from Nothing (single version) + (album version) ★★

I find this song quite odd and when I first heard it I thought “this can’t be Ayu listen to it!”.  The song starts with an annoying backing singer saying something repeatedly and continues with annoying background noises. This goes on until Ayumi, along with Dohzi-T begin to rap.  The chorus is my favorite part of this song as it peaceful and has no rap in it.  I myself don’t really understand the lyrics; they mostly seem about daily life and trying to achieve something when you have nothing to achieve it with.

Limit ★★

I actually don’t prefer limit to it’s A-side. The song is less rap and more singing but its not great singing. Ayu’s vocals are a bit off sometimes, which makes sense as she was only 17 when the single was released.  The beat is relatively slow and the backing singers are still there annoyingly.  The song is quite odd and didn’t really leave an effect on me at all.

Paperdoll ★★★

This song at the start gave me hope.  It starts of with high synth noises that are then followed by a medium speed synth drumbeat, these are played throughout the song.   This song is another rap song, but it has a much more peaceful and less in your face feel.  Ayu’s vocals at times sound a little nasally but the rest of the time they sound fine.  This song was pretty much easy listening for me, and even though I didn’t really feel much from the song I strangely enjoyed it the most on the single.

Gut it-pez: ★★

In my opinion another weird song.  The song starts with people single “Adidadada” or words similar. Ayumi begins to rap again with Dohzi-T and DJ Bass.   Unfortunately I have no idea what they are singing about (not being able to find an english translation) except for the few english things they say throughout the song.  The song ges for 6.04 minutes but it seems like it goes much longer.  This song to me was just annoying.

Summary: ★★

This single/albm was not interesting to me at all.  Out of my own personal taste I found the songs annoying, well everything but Paperdoll.  Paperdoll was the only song I really liked on this single, I wouldnt say the others a horrendously bad just a tad anoying.  In the end the ablum and single ws ranked  2 stars.

Information sourced from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nothing_from_Nothing_(album)



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