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[J-Review] Sakuranbo – Ai Otsuka January 19, 2009

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Ai Otsuka promoting 'Sakuranbo'

Ai Otsuka promoting 'Sakuranbo'

Artist: Ai Otsuka

Released : December 17, 2003

Copies Sold: 525,784

Label: avex trax

Highest Position: Top 5

My Ranking: ★★★

Sakuranbo ★★★☆
Sakuranbo is a fast happy song with cute, lovey lyrics.  The song begins with Ai’s vocals and continues into a guitar riff with many instruments such as saxophone. The chorus, the best part of the song, has Ai’s vocals cutely rising and dropping, this, in my opinion, makes Sakuranbo stand out to many other j-pop songs.  When I first listened to Sakuranbo I was just getting into J-pop and I found the song fresh and cute, so cute I’ve played it nearly 200 times.  The song as a whole is easy and cheery listening.

Sakuranbo’s B-side.  My first impression of Kaerimichi was “it’s boring” and I stopped listening to it.  The song is simple starting with a medium beat and whistling.  Ai’s vocals aren’t the greatest here.  They sound like she is trying too hard to be loud in the middle verses but she sounds much better with her soft vocals in the chorus and at the end of the song.  The guitar break at 2.06 is very nice and I love the multi note strums.  The song ends with Ai’s “lalala”s.  I’m not a big fan of Kaerimichi.

Momo no Hanabira (Studio Live ver.)
A very peaceful song indeed.  When I first heard this version I loved it.  Ai’s vocals with just the piano accompaniment at the start of the song are not only peaceful but also very pretty.  As the guitar is added and Ai’s vocals become stronger at loud at 0.51 I began to think of the middle verse in Kaerimichi.  But after she calms down at 1.45 the songs goes back to its peaceful state.  I love the piano in this song, the way it is played in the instrumental break and soft but aggressiveness of it are my favorite parts.  After this break Ai tries harder with the shouting of her vocals and it becomes a bit tedious.  As the song ends it’s a bit disappointing that she had to shout and push so hard with the loudness of her vocals.

Although I like the A-side of this single I found the Kaerimichi disappointing and wanted more from Momo no Hanabira (Studio Live ver.).  Sakuranbo stayed in the oricon charts 101 weeks.



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