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[J-Review] Momo no Hanabira – Ai Otsuka January 5, 2009

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Ai Otsuka on the cover of Momo no Hanabira

Ai Otsuka on the cover of Momo no Hanabira

Momo no Hanabira was Ai Otsuka’s first released single. The CD only single was released on the September 10, 2003 and the DVD+CD single was released on October 1, 2003, it sold 44,822 copies


1. Momo no Hanabira (4.54)

1. Himawari (5.05)

3. Momo no Hanabira (instrumemntal)(4.54)

4. Himwari (instrumental)(5.05)

Momo no Hanabira: ★★★✩
Momo no Hannabira (Peach Petals) is an enjoyable song with a slow but peaceful beat. Ai’s soft vocals are both enjoyable and relaxing, going well with the music. Throughout the chorus a traditional Japanese guitar plays with many percussion instruments, the traditional sound goes well with this song and reminds me of alan’s music. The lyrics are simple, cute and as usual about love. Momo no Hanabira was used as ‘Suika’, an NTV drama’s opening theme. This is just an easy to listen to song whatever you are doing

Himawari: ★★★
Himawari is another peaceful song with more of Ai’s soft, relaxing vocals. The song is piano based and is a performance recording. Ai’s vocals are reasonably good but at parts sounds a bit off key. I also like this song, as it’s easy to listen to.


Although Momo no Hanabira was a good start for Ai it unfortunately didn’t sell so well and was the 3rd lowest selling single of 2003. In the end I rate this single ★★★✩/★★★★★




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